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Mapping Your Path

You don’t need to be lost to want a guide.

Let’s make the path playful.

Katie Kay, as SpiritPlays,

offers spiritual coaching  using astrology and tarot as conversation starters

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Zodiac Chart

For over 30 years I have studied and taught astrology, tarot, psychology, meditation, and world spiritual systems.  Now strengthened by relationships of all kinds and praying to, for, and with all beings, I want to help you on your path.

What if your coach knew all about you from from the moment you were born?  How about if in your first session she saw what was blocking you?


Would you like to set aside old stories without long explanations?

Let's get on your unique path together.

Astrology is the assessment tool we use. 
No questionnaires, just your birthday. 
Tarot for spiritual selfies
Classes & Events
Heart & Hands
we can 

Let's reset your personal GPS and get you on the road for new scenery and more play time.

30 years of

Been there. Done that. Let us do it differently.

Lived through more than I would ever expect.

Using these experiences to help you

transform old patterns into freedom.

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We live our lives by the seasons. Seasons are the movement of planets. We forget this sometimes living in the vast maze of the urban jungle and busy lives.

Holding Hands

Instead of questionnaires and analytics, your natal chart can easily start our sessions.  The placement of the planets when you took your first breath tell a story of your human life challenges, gifts and personality.  Together we describe the path, consider detours, options and choices, all the way holding hands and mutually inspiring each step ahead.

Rock Maze
Astrology 2
Tarot Reading


Tarot cards are images that give us intuitive ideas, guidance and consolation to the path of us all on the planet. The cards consist of two themes, both of which compare our human life to our greater cosmic journey. The cards are used in coaching to allow a new way to view where we are and to claim assistance from a deeper source.



Spiritual health is the foundation of a good body, mind, heart and relationships.  See Our Approach for how we do what we do.  Here are a few ways to get started for spiritual coaching, SpiritPlays style. 

Set a free intro 20 minute appointment today

and find out for yourself.

Spiritual Tune Up

$45/20 min

Series of Sessions
Real change is evident after six sessions, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly

 $130  each

First Session

Chart analysis and identification of challenges ahead, 1 hr, zoom or call


Quarterly Update

The planets move every moment--get a quarterly update as to the best spiritual tools to use ahead

$500/year - and a plus for your birthday!

Tarot readings
10 min $15
20 min $30
Come to Tarot Time zoomed each month!  

Transformational Testimonials

Software executive

Katie Kay is my muse!  She has a magical gift of combining astrology, tarot and most importantly her intuition of connecting the dots that help guide me on my human journey.  She’s an absolute blessing in my life.


Katie helps me recognize the fears, emotions and triggers that keep me from moving forward to where I want to be.  Fear…anger…wounds…self worth…Fear of failure, fear of recognition, fear of loss, fear of what ifs….So that when I bump up against that emotional wall, I can recognize it and deal with it.

Massage Therapist
& Entrepreneur

Katie can identify clearly what my challenges and strengths are. With her coaching I am learning to rewrite my belief that my value requires struggle, into something more like: easy playfulness gives me a sense of freedom and peace. So much nicer!



Katie Kay
Spiritual Coach

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