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SpiritPlays Approach

If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are life artists.   Yet I always wondered why I didn't get the handbook to best manifest my life.  Over the years I have found answers in the pull of the planets, stories of the tarot cards and in ancient philosophies.

My calling is to unveil a smoother path towards our heart's desire, using all the insights at my power to guide us.   


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When we inspire each other, our integrity evolves and blossoms.
Sometimes the path is gorgeous and we work together to keep it blooming.
Sometimes the path is rocky and need to hold hands and go slow.
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Relationships can trigger us and crossroads can make us freeze.
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Our conversations together can simplify the next very smallest step.

KTK's Cultural Credentials

**Certified Life Coach
**Certified Astrologer, Washington State Astrological Association
**Degree in Psychology
**Prayer Practitioner
**Member of International Coaching Federation - Los Angeles
**Member of Manhattan Beach Holistic Chamber of Commerce
**Decades working in legal corporate arenas (extra credit for this)
**Over 30 years experience working in recovery programs
**Multiple years of crazy, amazing, loving, challenging relationships
**Official "12th Woman" Seattle Seahawks fan

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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